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Welcome to Sawdust and Lipstick!

Why sawdust and lipstick? At the very least, it's easier to spell than my name, Laura Bissessar. So, who am I? 


I'm a writer, herbalist, and makeup artist. I tend to have an unreasonable number of hobbies and interests, which is the second reason for this website's name.


I write about subjects like holistic health and wellness, all things beauty, food and cooking, travel, and DIY. My personal blog may be sorely neglected because I'm busy getting hired, but that's a good problem to have.

What can I contribute to your website and business? Check out the options below.


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Get SEO content for your blog. Ghostwriting is an option. Need an example? Follow this link -



Sell, sell, sell! Get a new perspective on your products or services, and rank higher in Google searches.



There's a thin line between writing a blog and an article nowadays. Get customized content on a wide range of topics like: Herbalism, Nutrition, Food, Makeup Artistry, Travel, Aromatherapy, Holistic Wellness, Fitness, Music, Gardening, Dogs, and Carpentry.


Research-Based Articles

Need to turn a bunch of technical jargon into something easier to digest? Get in touch for high-quality health and wellness-related content.

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